College Info

College Information

Staying: 238/1 Circular Road, Maruf Market, Mouchak More, Malibag, Dhaka-1217. 

Library: Silent and very comfortable to our library room. It is maintaining our teacher’s. There are various types of medical related books and journals are available in our library. Also other books available in our library.
Hostel: We provide hostel facility. Our hostel is very hit and clean and discipline maintains and the hostel is situated near the campus.
Laboratory: We provide modern laboratory which is equip by all the modern equipment and computer. Our laboratory includes medical related machine, instrument and apparatus. Such us – physiology, anatomy, pathology laboratory hematology, serology, microbiology, community medicine, dental surgeon.
Education Equipments: SMIT provided students related modern education equipments. Such as – slide show, overhead projector, multimedia, sound system etc. We are also established clean laboratory, class room and hospital.
Teacher’s: We have M.B.B.S and higher educated teaching faculty who teacher as per as course curriculum. Along with the practical classes is taking by medical technologist.
Scholarship: We provide Scholarship for poor and brilliant students. And we also provide full free studentship.
Special Facility’s: SMIT along with the special facility’s or classes computer and spoken English.
Campus:Dhaka Medical Institute is a big campus. SMIT is full of AC. It is free from political and smoker hamper. Dhaka Medical Institute (SMIT) provide world latest modern laboratory with latest instrument and technique. Our laboratory are divide more then ten parts, and provide Separate equipments, Such as Anatomy, physiology, Serology, Hematology, microbiology, immunology, biochemistry, dental, Physiotherapy, Nursing & Computer lab. Our laboratory provide different instrument and separate teacher.

1) Anatomy Laboratory: Anatomy laboratory consist of different types of artificial dam organ and skeletal. Name of some organs are liver, brain, eye, heart, kidney, stomach, intestine male & female reproductive organ, spleen, uriganital organ. Name of some bones are skull, vertibrea, thoracic cage, superior and inferior extremity and human skeleton.

2) Physiology Lab: Physiology Lab: Our physiology lab consists of different instrument. Name of physiological instrument blood pressure (BP) machine, hamoeytometer, haemoglobinometer, microscope, slide, spreader, cover slip, test tube, test tube holder, lab rotator, colorimeter stop watch, micropipette etc.
3) Bio-chemical lab: Our bio-chemical laboratory consists of auto analyzer and semi-auto analyzer, Separate instrument and different reagent.
4) Serology and immunological lab: Our lab provide all kinds of serological and immunological equipment, such as – refrigerator, lab rotator, stop watch, auto clave, hot air oven, centrifuge machine, Petridis, beakers funnel, Elisa reader, balance, water bath measuring cylinder.

5) Hematological Lab: Our hematological lab consist of different instrument, such as microscope, test tube, test tube holder, coplinger, syringe, cotton, sprit lamp, hrinometer, haemometer, micropipette, tips, etc.

6) Dental Lab: Dental lab provide modern dental chair, scaler, various types of filling materials, surgical instrument and also other related instruments.

7) Clinical Lab: Our clinical lab consists of different kinds of surgical equipments – weight machine, blood pressure (BP) machine, thermometer etc.

Name of some articles artery, right angle, tissue forceps, sponge holding forceps, lifter e jar, kidney tray, galipot, scizzer, fowel clip, tongue depressure, mauth gag, drum etc.

8) Nursing Lab:  Our nursing lab provide first aid box, bed making instrument, catheterization equipments, drumming, freolly, gauze, cotton, syringe, temperature tray, kidney tray, galipot, weight machine, blood pressure (BP) machine etc.

9) Computer lab: Our computer provide broad band internet with digital library and adequate computer.

10) Physiotherapy lab:  The department of physiothearapy of SMIT has arranged a modest ang latest physiothearapy lab. We have three units of PT lab. Such as –

A)  Electrothearapy lab– Full of SWD, UST, IRR,Auto Digital Traction, Paraffin Wax bath, EST and TENS apparatus.

B) Exercise lab (Therapeutic Exercises) – In this lab. We have two pieces of trade mill, Static cycle, Plith, Physio ball, standing frame etc.

C) We have very Special equipments and devices which are very artistic and necessary to rehabilitate and occupy the disable people- named orthosis and prosthesis. These are cock up splint, Finger guard splint, Artificial limb (Upper & Lower), traction kits, Wheel chairs with special format etc.